Justin Timberlake Decides To "Take Back The Night"

Posted 7/17/2013

I think Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke are in a battle for the hottest white boy singer right now (sorry, Bieber). Fresh off his new album and Magna Carta Holy Grail appearance, JT released this new track that has a grown folks, Michael Jackson vibe. "Take Back The Night" is going to appear on Part 2 of JT's "The 20/20 Experience" due Sept. 30th. Peep game below...

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Champagne Wishes on a Kool-Aid Budget

Posted 7/11/2013

Bragging on how many commas are in your bank account has been apart of hip hop since day one. But how do we know what is true and what is just a financial wet dream over a Mike Will Made It trap beat? Bloomberg's Businessweek decided to investigate several rappers financial statements in their rhymes. Turns out Jay-Z is really worth half of a billi, but the other Sean, Diddy, is actually worth more. The biggest fakers are Mr. 305, Pitbull and the Barbz, Nicki Minaj. Nas rapped about being the $200 Million Dollar man, but is actually $6 million in debt (ouch, damn you Kelis). Click below for the video and chart.

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